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Character: Trip
Age: 10
Canon: Pokemon (anime)
Canon Point: post-series; after his loss at Unova League, specifically while parting ways with Ash (it's the first loss he took gracefully although it meant he was still far from achieving his goal, he no longer rejects Ash's friendship, and while his emotional response isn't as dramatic as it was in his battle against Alder he'd be in a very bad mental state if we brought him in from that time instead, so, it's arguable that the emotions were also quite strong here too although he's not as easy to read as Ash, they're simply more mixed, bittersweet this time, because while it's a major loss and shows him he still has a long way to go, he also learned so much from he couldn't help but be happy and at peace with it too... the promise to battle again also should have him feeling more determined! Very mixed emotions).

Background: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Trip

Personality: (I hope you won't mind, but I felt it would be best to use key events from Trip's history to explain his growth as a character and the changes and different aspects of his personality to explain, as he's a rather contradictory character by nature and, although his core personality remains the same, his behaviour changes quite a bit from start to finish, so I need to explain what might come across as inconsistency in character (Trip himself puts on airs, was sweet and excitable as a child but cold and calm in the present, but lapses into the former in response to a specific person, and his manner changes depending on who he's speaking to, and part of the most recent changes in his personality are intentional and still do not come naturally to him after years of behaving in a cold and aloof manner. Thank you for understanding!)

Trip is, at a glance, a quiet, level-headed Pokemon trainer, proud and prone to arrogance and snide remarks ("That's basic" seems to be his favourite way to end a mocking lecture), but eager to learn, self-conscious, and quite inquisitive, endlessly searching for an answer to the nature of true strength and how to obtain it. He has a difficult-to-pin-down personality, experimental to the point it makes his true nature hard to grasp, often saying one thing and then doing something that counter to it. He dresses in line with New York street fashion and is very much into photography, often found taking pictures to record his journey, but carries himself with a great deal of seriousness in battle and almost military pragmatism.

He is a soft contrast to Ash, not as stark as the rival who preceded him in the way that constantly sent them clashing with each other, so Trip's personality lends more easily to friendship and mutual understanding. Still, in the beginning, they were set apart quite distinctly: Trip is from Unova, the Pokemon world's New York, Ash is from Kanto (equivalent to the realworld Kanto region of Japan). Trip's refined (bordering on feminine) way of speaking is a quite polite and distinctly upper-class in clear contrast to Ash's somewhat accented, ruder-sounding, rural air. Now, despite the differences in speech patterns, their actual behaviour towards each other opposes their language: Ash is much more polite, while Trip is polite and respectful to adults and authority figures except at the height of his arrogance (where he demanded that the old Champion of his region kneel before him...), he is frequently insulting and condescending towards his rival. Trip is reserved and not very sociable, Ash is friendly and outgoing. Ash's over-excitement over being in a new region far from home made for a terrible first impression, as he made rookie mistakes in front of then-beginning trainer Trip, and Pikachu was suffering from a Legendary-born thunderstorm which rendered it incapable of using Electric attacks for a time. So, Trip mocked Ash for his mistakes, despite being initially impressed by seeing a foreign Pokemon, and proceeded to make jabs at Ash's town, calling it the boonies and wondering if that's the way everyone behaved in Kanto. The differences run a bit deeper, but that comes later.

He is shown be a very inconsistent person in terms of behaviour. It is hard to anticipate what he might do or say in a certain situation because he is very taciturn and does things that seem counter to his nature entirely on a whim (he disrespects Ash early on and looks down on him for losing to him on Trip's first day of his journey regardless of the Legendary interference that led to Ash's Pikachu temporarily being unable to use Electric Attacks because Trip didn't see that happen, but he also decides to imitate Ash's battling style in their third battle and makes it very clear to him that he's trying it out!). The boy acts like an insufferable know-it-all and can be very condescending, but he's not above learning from someone he seems to look down on, and just in general, he'll say one thing and do another. Very inconsistent, very difficult-to-pin-down, because he's not sure what he's going to do yet and has only been on his journey for a relatively short while and, more importantly, is still developing his own personality too. All he's really going off of is (possibly grossly misunderstood) childhood advice to seek strength and grow up quickly. He tries to act like he knows more than he really does, more confident and sure of himself than he really is, but he knows he needs to grow and change, so he's not shy about adapting his style and learning new things, as long as he's convinced they won't interfere with his personal growth (... unfortunately, friendship and building trust seems to be something he filed away as an impediment for a long time), otherwise, he wouldn't have been carrying that camera around to record his journey. And he does recognize it as a journey on which he should grow and change and normally, although he's very confident, he doesn't think he has nothing left to learn from anyone else except for when his arrogance reached its peak just before his crushing defeat.
He doesn't take pictures just to remember experiences and places or the way he felt about them, but also to learn from; as he used pictures to help Ash find out what was preventing Oshawott from successfully performing an attack.

A Trainer's choice of Pokemon speaks volumes about their character, particularly in this universe where they are living, breathing companions who tightly bond with their trainers and can adapt and grow to succeed even where game mechanics would ensure failure out of sheer dedication and determination. So Pokemon teams are decided by choice, rather than necessity alone. It's said that Pokemon grow to resemble their trainers, but the reverse can also be true. Trip seems to favour Pokemon that convey a similarly proud, even regal air (his starter Pokemon, Snivy, is called Serperior in his final form and he is literally a smug snake) and his Tranquill is male, marked by showy feathers which they love to flaunt; this fits in well both with Trip's love of putting on airs, proud personality, and fashion sense. Ash also trains a Snivy and a Tranquill of his own, although his is the more plainly coloured female and his Snivy never chooses to evolve. This marks the two as rivals and counterparts of a sort very early on and Trip's Serperior and Ash's Snivy have their own rivalry apart from their trainers' (particularly on, when Trip is wholly uninterested in battling Ash). Trip trains a pampered, babyish little Vanillite, possibly in imitation of and tribute to his childhood hero Alder who trains a Vanilluxe, its evolved form. Trip rarely ever uses it in battle and coddles it somewhat; it's unevolved for as far as we know and has never been in any of the tournaments or major battles he's taken part of, likely due to either its apparent inexperience, sensitivity (although that seems to be more Trip getting offended on its behalf than Vanillite really finding Iris' comments about Ice Types offensive...), and link to his childhood memories of Alder.
As for the many contradictions involved with Vanillite and his attitude towards it, it's worth remembering that just as older Alder focuses on living in the moment, Trip is very much focused on the past. He cherishes it and dwells on it in memories and photographs. Trip is a very sentimental person despite his harsh coldness in battle and Vanillite, being the pre-evolutionary form of one of Alder's Pokemon, in addition to its appearance (a babyish creature that resembles confectionary), all tie it quite strongly to feelings of childhood and it elicits more of an uncharacteristically emotionally-driven, but also protective response from Trip. His reasons for giving it such a treatment are based in his own childhood, while he rejects the "child" label now, wanting to be seen as an adult, he also places himself in an almost parental role for it and sees Vanillite as something to be protected. He recognizes childhood and childhood memories as something precious, not just his own or other humans', but also a Pokemon's, because he is also protective of its own feelings. If it were only about his own memories, it wouldn't make a difference to him if someone said something insensitive to Vanillite. But it did. This sort of response means a lot coming from someone who normally sees emotional responses as foolish and something to be avoided because they cloud judgement.

A Conkeldurr is his strongman, possibly to make up for Trip's more speed-based partner Serperior. This one honestly doesn't seem to fit any category, it seems to be here strictly for tactical reasons, to make his team more well-balanced in terms of Type and strength. He does rely on it quite heavily in tournaments and other major battles.

Finally, the rest of his team consist of Ghost Types and rather sinister ones at that: another regal Pokemon in Frillish, a blue, jellyfish like Pokemon that resembles a fairytale prince with frills and a crown-like tuft (to fit in with the rest of his regal and proud Pokemon) known to engulf its prey and paralyze them with poison, before dragging them miles underwater to drown them, while Lampent, an oil lamp-like Pokemon (it also wears a crown in its evolved form, so another regal type) known to consume the souls of the deceased to fuel its fire, often appearing before those who are near death. Roams hospitals and graveyards.

The more sinister Pokemon (Frillish and Lampent) also suit Trip's change in demeanour in battle and his malicious battling style. While he's normally calm and polite even while battling (provided the battle isn't emotionally charged like the one against Alder), when excited, he does seem to enjoy taking down his opponent in extremely harsh or even cruel ways. And he smirks while doing it too. Although he cares for his own Pokemon, he has a very vicious battling style, and the Venipede incident also shows that he does not care what happens to wild Pokemon who pose a threat to him or other humans. He absolutely won't kill or intentionally cause serious injury to a trained Pokemon (he's not heartless, he's a legitimate trainer), he respects that trained Pokemon are important to their Trainers and it's not the same as wild Pokemon who are attacking humans like the Venipede, but he has no qualms about using tactics that will bring a Pokemon to the brink of death because he takes his battles as deathly seriously as he takes himself and his pride relies on being seen as strong and capable, which is why his earlier losses affected him so badly. Trip is much more ruthless in battle than he is outside of it, as he seems to reserve his kindness for certain Pokemon (it might tie into his sense of pride as putting those he cares about above others of their own kind and/or his pragmatic nature as well, because it would not benefit him to care about something that would not benefit him, cold as it is) and in certain, non-battle situations. His kindness to people is less restricted, as he feels it's also only "basic" that humans would protect and help one another (it sounds unusually idealistic for Trip until you put it into context that he's using it to justify burning a common, non-human enemy: the Venipede). He is quite cold, but very rational, more logic-driven than emotion-driven and weighs his options out based on what brings more benefit rather than being tied down by vaguely-defined feelings and motives like Ash's compassion (pfft, what?). (Except when it comes to Vanillite because it's his baby and shush, don't hurt its feelings!). Yes, it's very arrogant and self-centered thinking, but with a combination of pride, introversion, and inward-focus, it's also to be expected. He's very much focused on himself, his Pokemon, and how they come across, so that's where he puts most of his care. He isn't flooding with affection for all living creatures like some people...

His final League battle with Ash, when they're already mutually friendly? He has his Serperior wrap its tail around Pikachu's neck and suffocate him until he loses consciousness before ordering for Pikachu to be slammed into the battlefield. Serperior, ever obedient, does all of this without hesitation, accustomed to its trainer's style. So even his non-Ghost Type Pokemon show streaks of cruelty in their battling styles, rather than just Trip's favoured Ghost Types who have this penchant for childish cruelty as part of their very natures, and Trip mirrors in battle.
Just as in the Venipede incident, it shows he has a very ends-justifies-the-means approach to battles and isn't afraid to go further than most. So while the vast majority of trainers would absolutely not go to such lengths, it's still technically an acceptable battling style. Ash's Pikachu has been in worse fixes in standard battles before too (Pika and Goliath, Pikachu battles a Raichu, winds up hospitalized with a dropping pulse and heart rate). This was during the league and no one stops him or raises any objection, so it's technically acceptable even if it did cause Ash and friends to worry.

However, in later appearances, Trip shows behaviour that contrasts with his typically cold, detached demeanor and viciousness in battle: although he remains quite proud bordering on arrogant, smiling smugly when he thinks he has the upper hand in battle, and putting Ash down for his inexplicable (to Trip) behaviour, he also begins showing kindness and a strong desire to help others quite early on, well before he loses his arrogance. For example, when Ash was having trouble figuring out why one of Oshawott's attacks always failed. Trip, after taking a couple of pictures, simply walks over and shows them to Ash, revealing that Oshawott kept his eyes shut while in the water, which is why the attacks never hit their mark.

A more general example that simultaneously displays his icy pragmatism which puts him at odds with Ash is when Castelia City is found in a state of total chaos and panic with hordes of Venipede rampaged through it, overturning trucks and cars, sending the elderly crowd-surfing (against their will!), crawling all over buildings, basically, turning everything the whole city into a insect-ridden, nightmarish mess. Trip, who had been recruited by Gym Leader Burgh when he found him passing through, lead an assault on the Pokemon using both his Pokemon and commanding a group of young trainers, calling out "FIRE!" to synchronize an attack.

Where Ash favours trying to find a peaceful resolution that would suit both sides and spare the Venipede, Trip sees violence as the only solution. Ash's suggestions prompts an incredulous expression from Trip, who reminds him this isn't his rural home region and things are conducted differently here. In a struggle between Pokemon and humans, it's only basic for humans to side with one another; this was his firmly-held opinion. Not only did he not care if his method led to the Venipede's demise, but he was also utilizing his Lampent here.

... and, when compared to a Lampent who had yet to feed, its fire was quite large when Ash and friends arrived...

But after Ash convinces the Mayor to allow them to try to reign in the leader and figure out why the Venipede are swarming here, while Trip crosses his arms and acts as if he's ignoring the conversation (even the Mayor reminds them that if they don't get to the bottom of things, the city will be forced to take drastic measures against the Venipede), he looks intrigued after Ash and company leave, because they mentioned seeking out the leader of the Venipede. Trip seemed curious and even impressed with the idea, as he's always interested in a challenge and seeking out the strongest opponents, though he didn't show this to his rival.

When Ash and friends locate the leader, Trip cuts in and begins attacking it, against their wishes, concluding that if the leader were taken down, the whole swarm will go down, but the attack is blocked by Ash himself, an action that confuses Trip, who cannot understand why a human would take a blow for a Pokemon and a wild one at that. Ash and friends try to explain to Trip that Venipede aren't naturally aggressive, until he agrees not to interfere, recalling his Lampent...
However, despite this agreement, when he rounds a corner and sees Ash's Pidove about to be attacked by one of the Venipede, he sends his own Tranquill to save her! This makes Ash smile, but Trip pointedly avoids his gaze.

The events in Castelia City prove that Trip, despite being cold in temperament and distant by nature, has a strong desire to help others, although he lacks Ash's recklessness and idealism, preferring to assist in calm and rational ways, sometimes to a fault, as he saw protecting Pokemon as irrational at point in time. Still, it also displays his willingness to learn from his mistakes and from Ash, despite how much he mocks him for his home (initially... these nasty remarks taper off rather quickly after a humbling defeat later on), he recognizes Ash's skill once it's proven and even attempts to emulate his instinctive, unplanned, and unrestricted-by-Type-disadvantages battling style quite early on, while still in his haughty stage— he also immediately realizes it's not for him and returns to his pre-planned, strategic style.
Later, when the Venipede have all been coralled following the plan, Professor Juniper detects a disturbance from the Desert Resort, the natural habitat of the Venipede, and concludes that whatever is happening there is the cause behind the Venipede's unwilling migration into the city.

[[... what happens after that unfortunately is never elaborated on, due to the disasters that occured in Japan at the time, forcing the episodes (which unfortunately involved earthquakes) being postponed before finally being retconned out of the story and throwing off the sequence of future events somewhat. Fortunately, they don't seem to have much to do with Trip's personal story, aside from the Venipede issue, so let's move on!]]

The first of a number of crushing defeats that serve to break down Trip's arrogance is when he is defeated in the second round of the Don Battles, against Ash's friend Cilan. Trip, who was accustomed to taking pictures to chronicle his journey, aimed the camera at Cilan and his Pokemon as they celebrated their victory, stating he took the picture because he never wanted to forget his defeat. He's very bitter, both in actions and words here, and he decides to leave instead of watching the rest of the battles, claiming it'd be a waste of time because it won't make him any stronger. But, he waves in response to Ash promising to battle the next time they meet.

It's the next battle that really breaks him and the reason for that is because of an incident in his childhood that shaped his philosophy and decided his goal. His driving force is a meeting in his early childhood, with the Champion of the Unova region, Alder, when Trip was still bright-eyed and cheerful without a frown in sight. He met Alder in a festival, was given the privilege of touching and even feeding Alder's Buffron. Eagerly, he asked Alder what the most important thing in a Pokemon battle is. Alder's answer, delivered with a pat on the boy's head, was strength. "Grow up quickly and defeat me."
"So it is all about strength!"

... oh, Alder.

The details of what, exactly, transpired between then and now to make Trip the way he is now are never given, but what's clear is that the experience inspired him and he took those words to heart in ways Alder likely never intended... or were built on principles Alder had abandoned himself with age. Trip certainly grew up quickly, relying much more on calculated actions and avoiding the sentimentality of his peers; he also grew to be someone who deeply values strength to the extent that his relationship with his Pokemon suffer somewhat for it. He certainly isn't abusive or neglectful as some trainers, he speaks to his Pokemon quite respectfully, but there is a distance wedged between them so that he is not as in tune with his Pokemon's feelings as any good trainer should be. Nonetheless, his Pokemon, namely his starter Serperior, love him.

Trip is so consumed by following Alder's advice to the letter that he doesn't permit anything not directly conductive to becoming stronger get in his way. His obsession with maturity is such that he takes being called a "child" an insult to his pride and would do anything to prove his maturity; a very childish attitude in and of itself, not that he can recognize it as such. It does make easy to convince him to do things he otherwise wouldn't, though!

When he meets Alder again as a trainer, the mature and collected behaviour that's become so typical of Trip all but evaporates: he elbows Ash and shouts, trying to get a chance to battle Alder before him. He behaves childishly when his idol and goal stands before him, he's excited and so happy to see him, beaming with his hands balled up— but Alder has no memory of him. Sadly, that precious memory from Trip's childhood didn't seem to mean anything at all to Alder, who has forgotten him entirely. To add insult to injury, Alder constantly forgets his name even after he reminds him of it, calling him Tristan (Shootaro in the original), falls asleep mid-battle, and has to literally slap his Buffron's behind to get it to battle, and no longer seems at all like the wonderful, strong trainer Trip admired.
Trip is understandably very angry and upset about this, because he had always described Alder as his goal. His entire reason for becoming a Pokemon trainer, the battle he dreamed of since he was small, was to defeat him and become Champion, but looking at him like this, he felt cheated out of the battle he'd always dreamed of. Alder had become senile and lazy and now seemed to extoll enjoying life above all else, gorging on food and flirting with women young enough to be his daughters. Alder never even finishes the battle with Ash, even though Alder chose to battle Ash instead of Trip.
Trip decides he would follow his own path, clearly, Alder's path is longer one he sees fit to follow. However, his goal of defeating Alder to take his place as Champion remains.

The next tournament Trip registers in after the Don Battles is the Clubsplosion (or Donamite, in the original, run by the egotistical Don George).

In the first round, Trip was set to battle the naive and sheltered Bianca, a clumsy girl, who in his pride, he felt could only be considered practice.

Against all expectations, she defeats him. This girl he had looked down upon manages to succesfully eliminate him in the first round. He had never been eliminated so quickly. His pride takes its second blow and the biggest is yet to come. This loss has a great effect on Trip. While the previous one had made him bitter enough to record it in a photograph, so he won't forget how he felt about it, this? This loss leaves him depressed. He decides to leave town that very night, not because he felt it was a waste of time, as if he were too good to watch the rest of the tournament and learn from others, as in the Don Battles, but because he was miserable.

He takes no more pictures.

In his later encounters with Ash and friends, his camera is still absent. He is no longer recording his journey. He no longer wishes to remember anything.

Against all expectations, she defeats him. This girl he had looked down upon manages to succesfully eliminate him in the first round. He had never been eliminated so quickly. His pride takes its second blow and the biggest is yet to come. This loss has a great effect on Trip. While the previous one had made him bitter enough to record it in a photograph, so he won't forget how he felt about it, this? This loss leaves him depressed. He decides to leave town that very night, not because he felt it was a waste of time, as if he were too good to watch the rest of the tournament and learn from others, as in the Don Battles, but because he was depressed.

Although Trip will continue to follow his own unique path to defeating Alder and becoming Champion of Unova someday, he can now see the wisdom in Alder's decision to enjoy life. It no longer looks like a lazy old man's excuses, but something just as necessary as the raw strength Trip coveted for personal growth. Trip clearly keeps Alder's new advice in mind, although he does not abandon his own ways (Alder seems to live in the moment, enjoying the here-and-now, good food, pretty girls, and he's forgotten much of the past and doesn't seem too concerned about the future either, but Trip finds a lot of value in the past, meticulously documenting his journey and not wanting to forget any experience or emotion except when depressed...). He keeps his core introverted and reserved personality, as well as his pride, but now behaves in a (rather awkward and timid, but) friendlier manner when engaged and seems to be actively trying to feel the bonds he's made instead of taking them for granted or keeping everyone at a distance, despite how much he does care for them and want to keep them safe and help them succeed. Although it seems like a big change of character, it's more in line with the kindness that was also central to his personality even in his earliest appearances. He cares, in his own awkward way, but now no longer feels the need to cover it up by acting as if he just happened to save someone he supposedly dislikes or anything silly like that. He can acknowledge someone else as being important to him, while maintaining a sense of pride.

Trip takes losses more gracefully now, accepting them as learning opportunities. There's no more bitterness and they certainly don't break him like the loss to Bianca did.

Even Ash's friends note the change in Trip's character. He's still quiet and reserved, confident too, but not arrogant or pointlessly cruel: he never again insults Ash or his home when they meet for the league. He's excited to battle Ash and shows it. He humbly asks Ash to bear with him in their battle together. He's changed. Socializing still doesn't come naturally or easily for him, however as he pauses frequently in speech, wearing somewhat uncomfortable and awkward little frowns and stiffening and generally looking rather tense, as if he's worried he's done or said something wrong, before smiling in relief and when Ash extends a hand for a shake after defeating him, Trip looks confused, timidly reaches out and hesitates for a moment, before finally taking Ash's hand. But the main difference is that previously, Trip either avoided all forms of interaction or behaved in inappropriate ways without caring (he made Iris visibly uncomfortable when he invaded her personal space to snap pictures of her Axew, who settles in her hair). Trip has learned to be considerate, so even if his behaviour is still cold and somewhat strange, he's not trying to be and he's very careful to avoid it.

The Da! ending animation (which shows the various Unova rivals' reactions to Ash and friends leaving the region, as well as showing how Ash and friends maintain ties with everyone they've met, sending letters and e-mails) shows Trip snapping pictures with his camera, smiling, with Serperior standing by his side in a peaceful scene, not battling. Trip has no "walking Pokemon," all of his Pokemon are usually in their pokeballs, so it's safe to assume that while Ash and friends have left Unova for other adventures, Trip is improving his relationship with his Pokemon and has regained the motivation to continue recording his journey, as he pursues his dream of defeating Alder.

In closing, by the last time we see him, he's become slightly more humble and open to interactions rather than rejecting them all and no longer tries to says purposefully offensive things. However, his core personality remains the same and he is still proud, keeps mostly to himself, focused on growing stronger (now understanding that being close with his Pokemon cannot be sacrificed to that end or they won't be able to battle effectively against more tightly-bonded opponents), and a goal-driven pragmatist with a powerful, frightening battle style, but also a young boy trying to be taken seriously so he can achieve his dream of being the new Champion of his region, although he recognizes he has a long way to go.

Abilities: he is quite skilled at photography and can capture stunning photographs of Pokemon battles free from motion blur, in an equivalent of sports photography. He's quite fashionable? Very New York even with the Halloween colours he's sporting. He can use modern technology and possesses very good survival skills, having travelled across the region on foot without human company. Bilingual (English + Japanese) and understands multiple scripts, including ones unique to his region. Impressive vocabulary for a ten year old? He speaks like someone older which lends to his need to be seen as mature and taken seriously. With his attitude, he'd be easily mistaken for a young teenager if not for his small stature giving him away.

Nothing magical, but he is partial to Ghost Type Pokemon and might thus be a little more familiar with and not-so-frightened of regular ghosts due to them occupying a shared space (spirit world) with Ghost Types in his world and also owing to him training particularly heinous ones. His Ghost Type Pokemon, such as Frillish or Lampent, might be able to help deal with them, but Trip himself is not likely to be capable of much on his own.

Serperior's moves are Frenzy Plant (giant, thorny roots ripping out of the ground!), Dragon Tail (tail whip souped up with glowing energy for extra destruction!), Energy Ball (spitting out a ... ball of energy...), and Wrap (ever been hugged by a giant snake 'til you went blue in the face? Good times!).
Serperior is Trip's partner Pokemon as well as his starter; this means he is the most tightly-bonded with him, as well as the first Pokemon he ever received when he began his journey. Cool and dignified, every bit as proud as his trainer. He is fiercely loyal and loves his trainer. He will follow him everywhere and is protective of him. Serperior held a grudge against Ash's Snivy for a very long time because she defeated him in a very humiliating way when he was a Servine (she used Attract on him and whipped him while he was too enfatuated not to enjoy it... ^^;;). They are now primarily rivals.

Vanillite's moves are Ice Beam, Icicle Spear, Ice Shard and Blizzard (these are all self-explanatory, I hope— and don't worry, the blizzard move just makes it cold and windy in a small area around the Pokemon, we're not Legendaries altering the weather here).
Vanillite is a curious, naive and innocent little baby and Trip does not want anyone saying anything offensive to it. Being a child, Vanillite lacks awareness of a great many things and is quite sensitive. Trip is very protective of it and tends to baby it. It's strong and can hold its own in battle, but Trip is unlikely to expose it to genuine danger and certainly won't want to put it in scary situations.

Frillish's moves are Protect (a glowing force field to block attacks, can be expanded to protect others! Short-lasting and difficult to keep up, though), Water Pulse (ball of energy, hurled at the opponent, expands into a ball filled with raging, turning water, they're now trapped inside), Night Shade (eyes glow, dark aura all around Frillish, hypnotic dance and a dark, energy-draining aura will surround the opponent) and Hex (eyes glow, beams of dark energy shooting out and then forming a ball which rolls up like a giant, flaming red eye and worsens the opponent's condition), and his Ability is Cursed Body (try to land a hit on Frillish, you won't be able to use that same move again for the remainder of the confrontation).
Frillish is a malicious and mischievous little jerk (traits rather common to Ghost Types, honestly) and kind of shady, to be honest. Not too trustworthy. He respect his trainer, though, and he isn't going to try to and drown anyone (unless they're awful or he thinks it'd be really funny to half-drown them and let them go and his trainer's not looking).

Lampent's known moves are Flamethrower and Shadow Ball. And, of course, there's that pesky little "soul-devouring" aspect. Can tear open portals into the Spirit World to dispose of what remains of creatures it's fed on or who spite it, but that's a bit too world-breaking for this game, hmm? A trickster like the rest of its evolutionary line, it has a deceptive and taciturn nature to match Trip's own unpredictable one, but this one holds no real malice unlike Frillish over there, just don't with that one. It simply carries out its task. Its loyalty exceeds arbitrary things like compassion or sympathy. It's quite apathetic, not too expressive. Its kind has been known to photobomb (eerie blue lights or flames in your photographs? Probably the final stage of the same line, Chandelure!).

Conkelldur's moves are Strength, Strong Edge (summons up jagged rocks and send them flying in all directions!), Bulk Up, Rock Tomb (builds up a giant boulder out of energy then flings it at the opponent-- they split off into multiple, smaller boulders and entomb the opponent!). Its innate ability is Guts (so it'll have an extra boost to power through even after taking a licking).
Conkelldur is the muscleman of Trip's team. It mainly covers for Serperior's fragile speedster role in battle. It's proud (are you tired of hearing this word, please assume this applies to Trip and everyone he trains except for the baby) and determined. Kind of more like a cocky teenager than the rest, though, and usually wears a big grin. Conkelldur is confident and strong, always carrying its own pillars as weapons. As a species, they're favoured by construction workers for their great lifting ability. Like Serperior, Conkelldur is very protective of its small-bodied trainer and will threaten anyone who gets too close to him on its watch.

Alignment: Sosyne! Because calm is his demeanour 90% of the time and he's very good at keeping a level-head in demanding situations (or just comparmentalizing everything else he might be feeling to unpack it later when his mind isn't focused on strategy and he isn't concerned with keeping up appearances). However, he can also be swept up in the heat of a battle and his temper runs hot when that happens. In spite of himself, he can also get quite angry in certain situations and has a bit of a childish temper then. I think it'd be most interesting because his temper seems to be the hardest thing for him to control; he doesn't seem to feel other emotions as intensely or rather, even if he does (he does show sadness and bitter disappointment), he can keep them locked in so very little shows, compared to his temper which gets the best of him.

I mean, does this look like a kid who has an easy time controlling his temper?



Sample: ((This musebox thread is technically from last year, but it's only six months ago so it hasn't been a whole year since it? The characterization's quite good in it, I feel and is very close to where I'm picking Shootie/Trip up from! The thread uses Japanese names and terms, like Satoshi for Ash and Jalorda for Serperior, but it's otherwise the same! I felt it displayed both his seriousness in battle, his more recent respect and understanding of his now-friendly rival Satoshi, and how his icy facade breaks under pressure because despite all his attempts, he's still very much a child— more importantly, human— and he can get quite shaken up.

And a now, an in-game sample!))

[A highly unimpressed looking boy stares haughtily into the crystal in his hand for a moment, before turning pointedly away.] A necklace? Hmph. What a gaudy thing... to think I traded for it. [He honestly couldn't remember trading away his Xtransceiver, but he couldn't find it on his wrist and only found this hanging off his neck instead, so unless a very strange thief was going around replacing what they stole...]

My Xtransceiver was worth more and had better features too. I clearly wasn't thinking.

[He pulls it up, holding the amulet in front of his eyes and glaring.]

... but, I wouldn't do something like this. It's only basic to have a communicator when you're travelling, isn't it? This thing's definitely suspicious.

[In a fit of frustration, Trip tries to rip it off, but stops short of actually removing it because it made him feel suddenly uneasy like a cold pit in his stomach, but more importantly, he saw a tiny drop of black colouring the crystal darker.]


[After staring daftly at it for a good long moment, turning it this way and that in the light, he decided to hang onto it. It might just out to be more useful than a Xtransceiver... and if it isn't, he figured it had to be worth something in this unfamiliar place. He'd never seen anything like it. Now, to find other people...]



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